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We specialize in soft plastic bait fishing lures created for and by fisherman. All of our fishing lures are designed here in Northern Wisconsin. Our fishing lures are designed based on input from industry professionals, including marine biologists and tournament fisherman to ensure that they are the most realistic and successful lures available on today’s market. All of our fishing lure designs are personally tested and used, and we guarantee our product.

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Chigger Fry
Chigger Fry

Founder and Owner Mike Wendlandt

Many fishermen prefer to use live fishing bait to plastics and we think that is just fine! However, there are several reasons you should consider using plastic lures as opposed to live bait when fishing.

Spend Less

Plastic fishing lures will not die as you use them, and as such, your money will go further with plastic bait. Our lures have lifelike movement to mimic its live counterpart, so you will get just as much action as you will with live bait.

Fish More

Plastic fishing bait is more resilient, and you do not have to constantly replace the bait on your hook, so you will have more time to enjoy your time fishing. Still concerned that your plastic bait will not be lifelike enough to attract fish?

Catch More

Panfish Plastics infuses each piece of plastic bait with Anise oils to give it the same smell as live bait. Fish won’t know the difference, and you’ll catch more while spending less money and time on your fishing lures.

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