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Chigger Fry Pro Pack


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250 Chigger Fry Tails, 10 Jigs & Box!
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The Chigger Fry Pro Pack is a kit made up of our top ten colors. There’s 25 of each color for a total of 250 Chigger Fry’s. You’ve been asking so we created it, this is the perfect way to get started with plastics this winter. The kit also includes ten jigs perfect for fishing the Chigger Fry.

The Chigger Fry has four tiny legs, a segmented body, and an alluring pintail that never stops moving, even when dead sticking. Measures 1 inch in length and works best on a #10 size hook Works great for Bluegill, Crappie, Jumbo Perch, Whitefish, and Trout.

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