Chigger Fry

Chigger Fry

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We have 36 colors to choose from to entice the most finicky fish.


The most popular and deadly plastic we’ve developed is the Panfish Plastic Chigger Fry. With four tiny legs, a segmented body, and an alluring pintail that never stops moving, this is the best bait for panfish on the market. The Panfish Plastics Chigger Fry is infused with a proprietary anise scent which makes it the best bait for crappies, bluegills, and perch. The Chigger Fry measures 1 inch in length and works best on a #10 size hook although you can use up to a size 8 hook.

It is available in 36 colors sure to replicate microorganisms within the underwater ecosystems. The Panfish Plastics Chigger Fry can be fished horizontally or vertically, but horizontal is recommended. This allows the tail to be naturally buoyant in the water allowing it to move freely, even when deadsticking.

Soft but strong plastics guarantee you’ll spend more time fishing and less time re-batiing.

  • 1 inch in length
  • Works great on #8 & #10 hooks
  • Proprietary Anise Scent
  • Available in 36+ colors
  • Offered in 10 or 50 packs

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Pack Size

10 Pack, 50 Pack


002 – Copper, 003 – Blood Red, 005 – Life Saver Green, 006 – Red Glow, 007 – Orange, 008 – Super Glow, 009 – Yellow, 010- Sexy Blue, 011 – Hot Pink, 012 – Golden Nugget, 013 – Red, 014 – White, 015 – Purple, 016 – Black, 017 – Lime Green Glow, 018 – Blue Glow, 020 – Chartreuse Glow, 022 – Firecracker, 024 – White Pearl, 025 – Silver Bullet, 027 – Night Crawler, 028 – Flamingo Pink Glow, 034 – Pumpkin Orange Pearl, 036 – Motor Oil, 037 – Black Magic, 038 – Snow Flea, 054 – Bubble Gum Glow, 058 – Chili Pepper Red Glow, 060 – Red Finn, 061 – Copperhead, 062 – Cutthroat Trout, 063 – Smokey Mountain, 64 – Dark Chocolate, 65 – Green Goober, 70 – Poison Ivy, 71 – Plum Crazy

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6 reviews for Chigger Fry
  • Jason Vande Steeg

    I have been using your plastics religiously now the last few ice seasons! Wow is all I can say. No other plastic even matters.

  • Joshua Matoga

    Best plastic I’ve ever used an only one I’ve used this winter!

  • Tyler Merritt

    After trying them with Kenders tungsten jigs, I have to say that these have quickly become a go to for me. The panfish in the local ponds go after them the minute they hit the water, and they easily outfish the other plastics I’ve used in the past. They’re definitely going to be a staple in my tackle box in the future.

  • Jeff becker

    5 out of 5

    Panfish Plastics are hands down the best plastics on the market. I use the Chigger fry exclusively There is no need for live bait. My go to colors are white and chili red. I will be trying some other colors and will update it the results here

  • Michael Degenhardt

    Good morning on the ice. Crappies were picky. But we put a few topside. Justin Hach and I each kept a few for the pan and released some for another day. Widow Maker Lures tungsten jigs Panfish Plastics chigger fry was the ticket combo today.

  • Todd Murray

    Panfish Plastics Have some really nice micro baits .These will work well I think in my Local Catch and Release Streams. Move Over Trout Magnet:)

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